Benefits of Sara Application
Sara applications are built around the best industry practices, robust, scalable, easy to implement and very cost effective. The applications can be integrated with your existing softwares and databases.Customer satisfaction is the new mantra of the business. With Sara applications, you are ready to move from customer complaints to customer delight.Gurus of quality have said that the real cost of quality is zero. Similarly, according to the gurus of IT, the real cost of information is zero. And this has been proven wherever Sara applications have been implemented.
computer.jpg (13694 bytes)In a competitive marketplace, decisions can only be made with up-to-date information.Sara applications provide up-to-date information in the format required by you. It also has interface with popular softwares like word processing, spread sheets and power point to enable executives to carry our further analysis and present information in various formats and graphs.
Once you have installed Sara’s applications, you can easily coordinate between various departments and functions in your enterprise Œ all without having to take recourse to phone, fax and meetings every time.
Sara applications support control over spending limits and authorization limits for each executive, thereby enabling tighter financial control. Sara applications are capable of handling multi- company, multi-division, multi-location, multi -currency and multi -unit of measurement environments.

Sara Software
Sara ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning )
Sara Plant Maintenance
Sara CRM ( Customer Relation Management )
Sara HR ( Human Resource Management )
Sara TPM / WCM ( Total Productive Maintenance / World Class Manufacturing )
Sara PTT ( Purchase Through Tendering )
Sara Insurance
Sara Institute ( University / Institute Management System )
Sara Hospital ( Hospital Management System )
Sara Hospitality ( Hotel / Resort / Property Management System )

Sara Applications have been developed in RDBMS Client/ Server/Three Tier Architecture, Graphic User1screen.jpg (27615 bytes)Interface and Object Oriented Technology. Applications support MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix directly and other databases through ODBC connectivity. The applications have multilevel security to restrict the users to their specified functions only. Sara applications have built-in work flow management and drill down facilities.

Sara’s applications have been successfully implemented in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand etc.


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